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Here at The New Works Playhouse, we are a non-profit organisation driven by a single goal; to do our part in facilitating new, inspiring works from performing artists and writers.

We are here to offer opportunities to showcase talented performers and writers in a challenging industry. Writers who successfully submit new works will be matched with performers in our community to produce table reads, digital productions, and/or live performances. 

No fee will be charged for applications and successful membership to our organisation as a performer and/or a writer. This is to ensure that prospective performers and writers will have an equal opportunity without any financial obligations.

The organisation is funded through tickets based on a pay-what-you-can system from our table reads, workshops, and digital productions. To ensure that we remain as accessible as possible, we are a non-profit organisation. If you would like to show your support by making a one-off donation, the community will be extremely grateful. Please click the SUPPORT button at the top of the page. 

We truly want to work towards becoming a platform within the performing arts industry that provides accessibility to all, no matter their background.



We are committed to working alongside our core ethos, which are as follows:

  • The performing arts industry should be accessible to all no matter their background, whether it is their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, financial constraints, and/or for any other reasons.

  • Accessibility should include artists, writers, performers, and any other individuals within the performing arts industry as well as audience members.

  • To ensure accessibility, all of our application processes, audition processes, and interview processes are free of charge. Subsequent successful membership is also free of charge. Tickets for any of our events will be on a pay-what-you-can basis within a range of pricing options. We will support those who are still unable to afford a ticket based on the range of pricing options.

  • Transparency is vital to ensure that all of our members feel comfortable participating with us.



The New Works Playhouse continues to seek new opportunities for our performer and writer members. 

We are proud to work alongside other organisations who see the same vision as us of providing fair opportunities to all no matter their background, and that people are not losing out based on their circumstances.

If you are an organisation that shares the same vision and works alongside a similar ethos to ours, we would love to hear from you. Our Partnership Programme allows for other organisations to contract with us to work alongside our team and members to produce new, artistic works. Formal pitches and applications must show how the work will benefit our members both artistically and financially. 

To work with us, or to find out more, please send us an email to with the subject title "Partnership Programme" or fill out the contact form below.


Get in touch with The New Works Playhouse to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

If you want to join as a volunteer but not as a performer or a writer, please contact us through this form. 

Thank you!


Thank you!

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