Here at The New Works Playhouse, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to build a community of skilled performers with gifted writers and provide a platform that can encourage and inspire new talent. 

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 almost destroyed the performing arts industry but it also gave us a unique opportunity to bring the theatre online and to create a global network. 

We are passionate about opening up the industry to make it more accessible to people from all over the world no matter their background. The performing arts industry is inaccessible to a wide variety of communities but our hope is to provide an open platform for talented individuals. We are here to build a community of motivated and like-minded performers and writers whilst providing support by facilitating and growing their talent.



Performers can apply to The New Works Playhouse to be on our books. Through a successful application, our performers receive casting notices for written work successfully submitted by prospective writers. Once writers are matched with performers, tickets for an online read-through will go on sale through our website. Successful read-throughs may lead to online productions and/or a live performance of their work. 

What makes us unique is that we are not constrained to a resident theatre and that our base is fully online. This allows us to be truly global in both our online and live productions. An online theatre also allows us to work without the constraints of having one physical space, allowing for multiple productions to be performed at the same time.  

To ensure that we are able to continue supporting talented performers and writers, we have an application process followed by an audition and/or interview. However, please do not feel anxious about the process - just show us what you can do. No application fee or subsequent membership fee will be charged to our members. We want to make sure that this platform is accessible to everyone and not burdened by any financial constraints. 

As we are a community of performers and writers striving to support each other, all performances are "sold" on a pay-what-you-can basis. 50% of the total funds earnt through any read-through, production, or any other event hosted by us will be equally split between the participating writers and performers for each event, whilst the remaining 50% will be reinvested into future projects with The New Works Playhouse.


Please check each production for specific information on ticket prices. 


Donations outside of tickets are also welcome to support our community. To donate, please click the support button at the top of the page.


Founder & Artistic Director

Robert is an actor, writer, and director working on productions in Japan and the UK. He is currently based in Japan focusing on creating original works, supporting local theatres, and providing dialect training for Universal Studios Japan. His experience also includes designing and managing a black box theatre and producing collaborative educational performing arts programmes for IB international schools. 


The importance of accessibility and diversity has been a huge influence in his works and was the driving force behind setting up an open and fair space for opportunities in the performing arts industry through

The New Works Playhouse.



Since graduating from the Guildford School of Acting in 2017, Jessi has worked professionally as a performer throughout Canada and Japan. She is extremely passionate about diversity and representation in the arts, and hopes that The New Works Playhouse can become that welcoming innovative space people have been craving.



Courtney trained at the MTA in London, and has since worked professionally across stage, screen and in various creative roles. She is thrilled to be joining The New Works Playhouse team to help other performers and writers like herself feel as though they are supported and encouraged to thrive as part of an inclusive community where their individuality is valued and celebrated.


Jessie grew up in South Korea, New Zealand and London, and trained at Rose Bruford College in the UK. Her credits include: Secret Cinema, Hull City of Culture (One Day Maybe), Theatre Royal Bath (Wild Goose Dreams), National Theatre (The Visit) and CBBC (Secret Life of Boys). She is interested in staging new writing, telling untold stories and normalising diverse representation in film, TV and theatre.

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